"Blood and shadows, magic and pain. It's all blurry by the time I wake up."
If he were the author of this story, Eliot would write himself out. Twenty-two years old, doesn't handle stress well, likes to read words. He works at Thrift4 and will try to assure anyone listening that it's only because he's being blackmailed. (He is.)



   "There's some real bad mojo coming back to haunt me."
The owner of Thrift4, and technically Eliot's blackmailer (he had his reasons. They weren't very good reasons, but they were there.) Jesse is 27 years old. That's, like, almost 30! Definitely knows more about magic than he lets on. He once pretended that he'd been afflicted with an aphrodisiacal love potion for the sake of being gross with Eliot. He has since been thoroughly chastised and really is trying to be better.



  "This is going to get ugly, you need to go to sleep for a while."
Professional deus ex machina and occasional plot device. Kai is a shape-changing baby fox spirit, weighing in at 100 years and four tails. Kai has known Jesse since he was in elementary school. Jesse, that is. Not Kai. Do fox spirits go to school? That sounds ridiculous. I'd read it, though.



  "Scared of a goat with identity issues? Puh-leaze."
Tyler Knapek is cool as a cucumber. Auctioneer by day, Jesse's best (only?) friend by night. She works with Jesse to occasionally bring nice items to the store. A confident lady who likes spending time with her over-protective cat, Bobby. She also enjoys bursting into rooms unannounced. Tyler is virtually unbothered by anything supernatural, which is convenient.



  "I've put too many years into this plan to let it fail now."
Baphomet. Yep. A thoughtform invested in becoming much more than just a Bad Idea.



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