April 21st, 2013, 11:08 pm


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Baby!Jesse sure knows a lot of big words. But then again, I'm sure we all know 8 year old kids who get obsessed with something and learn big words they aren't ready for. For my little sister, it was nuclear physics (she got over it.)

Baphomet is a real creature! You can read up on him all over the internet. He really was created so that there'd be an excuse to torture the Templars into admitting they practiced Paganism. These days, he's often confused for our image of Satan, the "scary goat monster" that you see in most modern media.
In Optical Disarray, All of this is still true, but with a twist. Due to people believing in Satan, but using Baphomet's imagery, he became a real, tangible being. This is a Thoughtform, which you can ALSO read up on anywhere online. :)
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