February 23rd, 2015, 12:05 am

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The beginning of college was very confusing for me, too. Something about being apart from your family really puts a lot of things into perspective. (Eliot is more than a little autobiographical...)

*Also, in case anyone was wondering, Jesse would have been 21 at this point. He has a Bachelor's in Business.

*Tyler did her undergrad as a dual major; Business and Art History. After that, she went on to get her Master's (which is what she would be pursuing as a grad student during the time of this flashback), and most recently she got her Doctorate. Somewhere in there she did a brief stint in Auctioneer school (yes, it exists) and also did an apprenticeship. Yeah, that's right. Tyler is that person who is so good at school that it makes the rest of us look bad.
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=_=; Hello, I'm sure some of you saw this page go up a day earlier than it should have. That's because I gave the automatic uploader a try and it doesn't like Mondays, apparently.
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