January 17th, 2017, 9:03 pm

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Hey! Look, it's a page! I had most of this page completed a while ago, but paid work makes slaves of us all.
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[Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one:

Jesse and Eliot are standing to the side, having found Kai, who is sitting on the ground and inspecting a cardboard box full of stuffed animals. The box is labeled, 'Toys $3'. Eliot is carrying a black bag, carrying the items he and Jesse have purchased. Jesse looks apathetic.

Eliot: Hey, Kai. You ready to go? Tacos for dinner.

Kai: Yup!

Panel two:

The three have begun to walk. Eliot walks next to Jesse, and Kai is trailing behind them. Eliot and Jesse are looking at one another.

Eliot: So, listen... You and I need to talk about some things.

Panel three:

Zoomed out shot. The tree are exiting an alleyway and proceeding onto a public sidewalk. They are passing nondescript buildings that likely house local businesses. The road is paved and empty, the sides lined with parking meters. The group is clearly walking westward, shadows indicating a setting sun.

Jesse: ...About?

Eliot: You. Me.

Panel four: Side view of the characters as they walk. Jesse looks his standard apathetic. Eliot looks thoughtful, and Kai is smiling enthusiastically.

Kai: "The crazy goat man." Baaaphomet!

Eliot: ...

Panel five: Similar to the last panel, except Kai has stopped walking and looks confused. Jesse and Eliot don't seem to notice and keep going. Jesse looks deadpan as Eliot responds.

Eliot: He's not wrong.

Panel six:

Kai turns around, away from the setting sun, and seems to look nervously off into the distance.
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Oaaaah this page looks so niiice <3 I love the city shot!!



Kai you fool he's like beetle juice saying his name summons him!!