March 18th, 2019, 12:30 pm

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3-18-19 This page was difficult, I'm not gonna lie. But I'm very excited about it, I've had this flashback scene in mind for quite a while!

Thanks to my good pal Llama for perspective help on the first two panels. Give him a follow on twitter if you want to know the absolute nicest person on the planet: https://twitter.com/slyllama

Also, in regards to this page, some recommended listening:
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[Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one:

A transitional panel that begins a flashback. As it was many months ago, we see the very same bridge from the beginning of the comic. The silhouette of a lone figure can be seen running onto the bridge.

Baphomet, narrating: That beautiful night! Ahh, and my Oscuro are very good at fetch, you know.

ADDITIONAL NARRATION: "That" night. The night.

Panel two: A close up of the bridge and the fast-paced water racing beneath it. Just barely visible beneath the water's surface is the shape of... something, swimming.

Panels three and four:

The face of a round creature with small, sad eyes and long ears emerges from beneath the water.

ADDITIONAL NARRATION: A Water Reaper. Shepherd of the drowned.

Panel five:

The Water Reaper floats peacefully in the water, still looking up at the bridge as it silently waits.

In the foreground, the tail of an Oscuro glides swiftly past in the dark water.

ADDITIONAL NARRATION: A peaceful creature with a simple purpose:


Panel six:

The Water Reaper continues its silent wait. Visible behind it, the glowing antennae of a second Oscuro slide seamlessly through the water.

ADDITIONAL NARRATION: To kindly ferry the souls of Water Death.

Baphomet, continuing his own narration: They gather artifacts, souls, whatever I need. That night, they went after an old soul.

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