April 1st, 2019, 12:30 pm

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Whoof. I am swamped with work and other things lately, but here is the page! ;u; One more page of flashback...
I just reinstalled Windows 10 on my PC, so I lost some time yesterday to set things up again and I'm writing this at 4:15am because I only just finished the page LOL. Gonna.... sleep....
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[Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one: Eliot is standing on the railing of the bridge, and Jesse is hesitantly advancing. Invisible to the naked eye, there are actually two Oscuro emerging from the water to grasp at the railings on the bridge, their gazes trained on Eliot.

Jesse (flashback) : You're not planning to... jump, right!?

Panel two: Eliot jumps from the railing. Behind him, Jesse surges forward, dropping a shopping bag he'd been carrying. Beneath Eliot, the two Oscuro let go of the bridge, prepared, no doubt, to catch him with their long and spiny teeth.

Jesse (flashback) : H-Hey!

Panel three: Jesse catches Eliot at the last possible second, grabbing his hand in midair and leaning heavily over the railing in an effort not to drop Eliot (or risk being pulled over himself.) Beneath them, the Oscuro both missed their target thanks to Jesse's unknowing interference.

Panel four: Jesse is panicking as he hauls Eliot back over the railing. Eliot is no longer conscious, having had his say while dangling from Jesse's grip (see original Prologue pages.)

Jesse (flashback) : what the shit what the shit what the shit

Baphomet (narrating) : If my pets get there fast enough, I can poach any soul that I want. I might've missed out on getting an old soul that night, that's true...
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Whoa, a revisit to scene from ten years back?