April 8th, 2019, 12:30 pm

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I AM VERY TIRED. [Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one: The oscuro is watching, leering and snarling quietly as Jesse drags Eliot back across the railing to safety.


Panel two: A close up on the Oscuro's eight eyes as they each narrow.

Panel three: Jesse looks distorted while securing Eliot.

Baphomet (Narrating) : But it was like you just popped into existence again. Shimmering, hardly visible...

Panel four: The same image, except Jesse no longer looks distorted; the Oscuro can see him clearly now.

Panel five: A dark silhouette somewhat resembling Baphomet is watching through the Oscuro's eyes from a dark realm.

Baphomet (Narration) : The new soul who escaped me those years ago...
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