May 27th, 2019, 12:30 pm

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Thanks for your patience! [Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one: Having had enough, Jesse swipes the ignited lighter in a horizontal arc. Something akin to flame (but not quite) erupts from the lighter.

Jesse: Shut UP!

Panel two: The arc appears to have sliced through Baphomet's middle, jarring his torso and displacing his body on either side. The mark on his forehead, as well as his eyes, cease to glow.

Panel three: Baphomet seems to be catching 'fire' even further. Eyes back to normal, he looks alarmed as he shouts at Jesse.

Baphomet: You- This isn't the same banishment spell I taught you before!

Panel four: Jesse points at Baphomet, truly angry with him.

Jesse: Go figure, I didn't want to use the same sneaky tricks! This is for coming to my FUCKING house! Consider this your God damned warning!
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