June 17th, 2019, 12:30 pm

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[Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one: As the Oscuro completely disappears, Kai, still small and round, runs up behind Eliot. He has a few protective 'bubbles' floating behind him as he moves to check on Eliot.

Panel two: Eliot is sitting on the ground looking stunned and confused, and more than a bit tousled. Kai hoists himself up onto Eliot's leg.


Panel three: Looking to the side, something catches Kai's attention.

Panel four: The young boy, Arthur, has reappeared after having escaped the Oscuro. Now, he is peeking around a tree, watching them.

Kai: Look.

Panel five: Horrified to have sworn in front of a little kid, Eliot claps his hands over his mouth.


Panel six: Arthur is still staring; Eliot and Kai stare back. In the background, Jesse is returning to the scene.

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Hey guys! Thanks so much for sticking around during this chapter. It's only 23 pages but it still took a really long time to finish due to life things.
I'm trying to finish some paid work, currently, so I may take a bit of time off while I finish up, and will hopefully return with a buffer.

I'll try to set up some art or guest posts for you to enjoy in the meantime! As ever, thank you so much for being here! I will also be going back to clean up the non-page posts from this chapter.

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